Open House February 23rd & 24th 2019

Gustavo Pérez, Has Transformed Ceramics Into Fine Arts!

Throughout his long career, he has continued to explore and to push the boundaries of his medium. His work is a magnet; it draws people in.

Many ceramic artists emphasize either form or surface design in their creations. One of the distinctive qualities of Pérez’s work is that he is a genius at integrating his fluid forms with innovative surface designs so that the two work together to create breathtaking beauty. His pieces combine elegance and precision with a relaxed freedom from convention, a combination difficult to achieve.

Come and visit us!

“IT Appears As Something Perfectly Natural, Created Effortlessly…” Says Pitol Of Gustavo Perez’s Works!

Mexican writer and recipient of the Cervantes Prize, Sergio Pitol, says of Pérez’s work, “[It] is . . . charged with passion, discipline, and jubilation . . . It appears as something perfectly natural, created effortlessly, like Brancusi’s sculptures.”

We have an extraordinary opportunity, right here in San Miguel, to view a rich and varied selection of his highly sought-after ceramic works.

The 6th annual exhibition at Galeria Atotonilco presents more than one hundred vessels and sculptures by Pérez, the largest collection of his work that has ever been exhibited for sale. It represents work that Pérez created over a period of twenty years, from the mid-90s to the present.


Galería Atotonilco
An Unforgettable Experience of México

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