Open House July 27th & 28th 2019

Result of ancient weaving Colombian traditions, Wounaan baskets!

Vibrant baskets created by the Wounaan indigenous tribe of Colombia are the result of ancient weaving traditions passed through generations of the indigenous peoples of the Darién rainforest.

Originally designed for practical uses of storage or transportation, the Wounaan baskets have evolved into revered works of art, highly prized by collectors.

Galería Atotonilco is their exclusive representative in all of Mexico.

As stated in The Washington Post by Kim Curtis AP -“He (Mayer S.) travels to remote areas of Mexico (and Central America) to meet the artists and learn about their craft, and then he brings their work back to his gallery, where he imparts his knowledge to his customers.”-

Read the full article here:

Gallery in central Mexico displays a trove of folk art- By Kim Curtis | AP

Come and visit us!

Carved and painted wood from Oaxacan villages!

While many types of Mexican folk art have their origins in pre-Hispanic art and have evolved over hundreds of years, the much beloved carved and painted wood animals, birds, and alebrijes (fanciful monsters), that have now made three Oaxacan villages famous for their wood carving, go back only as far as the 1950s.

Small wooden toys and masks were commonly carved before that time, but in the early 50s, Manuel Jiménez Ramírez pioneered more elaborate and colorful animals and encouraged other wood carvers to do the same. It was not until the 1980s that the work became enormously popular.


Galería Atotonilco
An Unforgettable Experience of México

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