Open House September 14th & 15th 2019

Franco Ramírez, Oaxaca woodcarver master craftsman!

While woodcarving is prolific in several Oaxaca villages, some woodcarvers rise above others in both skill and imagination.

Franco Ramírez creates creatures full of motion and vitality, and decorates them with a gorgeous palette of colors. The scale of his works range from small to medium to huge.

Come and visit us!

Amazing Colombian Wounaan basketswith vibrant colors!

Vibrant baskets created by the Wounaan indigenous tribe of Colombia are the result of ancient weaving traditions passed through generations of the indigenous peoples of the Darién rainforest.

Originally designed for practical uses of storage or transportation, the Wounaan baskets have evolved into revered works of art, highly prized by collectors. Galeria Atotonilco is their exclusive representative in all of Mexico.


Galería Atotonilco
An Unforgettable Experience of México

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