Gustavo Pérez 8th Annual Exhibition is Now Open!

Gustavo Pérez stands alone as the Mexican ceramic artist who is internationally celebrated and admired.

If you are in San Miguel, you have a rare opportunity to be among the first to view of a large selection of new works by internationally acclaimed ceramic artist Gustavo Pérez.

Gustavo Pérez is like a national living treasure for Mexico. He is internationally celebrated and admired, having exhibited his work in Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico City, and more.  In San Miguel, we have the good fortune that Pérez’s primary gallery is right here in our town. Don’t miss the chance to see this stunning exhibition.

This show is the largest collection of Pérez’s work that has ever been exhibited for sale, anywhere. It includes pieces from as far back as 2000 plus a large body of recent works.

After February 1, the entire exhibition will be presented online, but anyone in San Miguel now can visit the gallery to see the works in person, and for the first selection.

Appointments will be for one party at a time with all safety protocols in place.

Visit the gallery, call for an appointment:

If you are interested in any of our pieces below click on the link in the images to purchase directly from our online store!


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